Gen X Social Workbook


The Gen X Social Workbook is a Social Media teaching and reference book specifically written for the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. This manual will give students the confidence they have been looking for when it comes to using social media. Inside you will learn what, and what not, to do; how to do it and why you will want to do more of it.


There is a huge need amongst those in the over 50 age group; commonly known as the Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. I know this because they reach out to me every day, asking for help with social media. They reach out to me, because I AM one of them. I’m just like you.


Benefits of learning and being mentored through the Gen X Social program:

  • I am a trained social media specialist and have been running my own social media agency since 2011
  • I have been training people, primarily of the 40-50+ crowd, how to use social media for many years
  • I specialize in the actual HOW TO of social media and am told my workshops and training sessions are excellent (some testimonials below)
  • I am passionate about social media and want you to have the BEST possible experience with this program


“I learned so much. Thank you so much Lorri for all of your amazing training. It was truly awesome.” Linda Jane Miner

“Thanks for the workshop today! Learned lots of valuable info!” Nickie Schlamp

“Another great day of learning…thank you!” Sharon Gough

“Thank you so much for a great day! I learned so much and appreciate your time and helpfulness!” AJ Ryan

“Thanks Lorri for such a well written resource manual.  I am over 60 and even though I GET how to use social media, sometimes I forget how to do specific things. Your workbook is perfect for a quick reference guide to exactly what I’m looking for.” Margaret Leck

Instructor Information:

I am a Creative Social Media Solutions Expert.

Since early 2011 I have been educating individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners on the latest social media marketing strategies and tactics so that they know how to use social media to their best advantage. I am here to ensure you have the best possible experience, no matter WHAT you want to use social media for! However, for those that do want to use it for business, I teach brand awareness, how to engage with your friends, fans and followers and ultimately how to increase sales and grow their businesses by Making Sense of Social Media.

I provide simple, actionable and results driven methods for engaging, effective and enlightening social media marketing.

My motto has always been “A poorly planned and executed Social Media presence is worse than NO presence at all.” #Lorrism


Who is this workbook for?

Anyone who wants a thorough training manual and reference guide for

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube

How do I use this workbook?

It is really no different than a text book, except that it is in electronic format. Download it, and refer to it often.

What if there are major updates to social media?

I will be sending out updated versions of this teaching manual with each major update to the above-noted social media platforms. This will likely happen at least once per year; maybe more.

Pricing Details

Valued at $99, I am only charging ONLY $29 today [ON SALE RIGHT NOW] because I want this to stay reasonably priced so that as many people as possible can get their hands on it. This workbook will answer many of your most pertinent questions; the ones that I get asked almost every day!

Payment through PayPal is accepted; meaning all major credit cards will be accepted.



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